Founders Message

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We are the Fung siblings, with a Hong Kong background, and immigrated to Canada when we were just toddlers. We always have been close. We did everything together, and that includes from picking up each other from school, having a food eating contest, to now starting a new brand together. We work hard to get where we are, often doing sleepless nights and constant bickering at each other on issues at work. Many people asks us, how do you work together with family? We just answer them, we love each other and we can make it work. At the end of each day, we all go home tired and exhausted from a day at work, and go to bed. The 3 of us, love giving each other gifts, especially to our retired parents. Every time, one of us get them upset, one of us, will either cover each other, hand write a card, or go down to the garage and hand craft something out, this will always cheer them up. That’s why, we decided to create some tailor made presents for everyone in the world. We are working hard to bring new trendy and hip style to gift giving.


As long we can add a little more joy in everyone's shopping experience, and the excitement of anticipation while unwrapping a gift, we will feel absolutely satisfied. We focus on providing not just make your friend and loved one smile when receive their gift, but gives an ever lasting impression that you are a caring warm and loving person. It is through personalized & customized gifts that can truly display your affection. While generic gifts are forgettable, personalized gifts are memorable. And it can indicate the gift giver thoughtfulness, and understanding of the person receiving the gift.