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License Frames

Auto Frames

From your private message to the name of your school, you can personalized your Auto Frame, anyway you want. We hope you have fun designing your plates just as much as we enjoy making them for you.


Corporate Branding.

To enhance your company's branding image, you can add your company logo, personalized message or your company vision to your Auto Frame.

The Auto Frame, is not only practical, but also a great prize during a company event or even a good unique way to establish your company's image. With our premium gift box and the use of aircraft aluminum, you can be assured of the finest quality. Corporate Auto Frames are for bulk orders only, please send us an inquiry if you wish to make a bulk order.


Personalized Auto Frames

For a limited time, we at NBT, will allow you to design your very own Auto Frames. Whether you are from Canada or United States, you can now design your own personalized Auto Frames. We currently offer a choice of 3 colours: Stylish Black, Bold Grey, and Pearl White and 4 stylish fonts. Everything is made according to your liking.





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Stylish Black



Now USD129.99

Bold Grey



Now USD139.99

Pearl White



Now USD139.99