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Give your dearest a heart warming surprise



With this exquisite gift, you can add a special message for the person you are gifting it to. When your loved one sees such a heart warming message on a gift this elegant, they will truly cherish this gift forever. It's all up to your creativity on how great this message can be.

Be more unique than those who gift baby clothes or shoes that the baby will quickly outgrow in a few months and will be left to collect dust.


This baby hanger is wonderfully designed by you, and it will be treasured through the ages. A customized present designed by yourself is something truly special and personal.


All hangers comes in a beautiful golden box that protect this precious designer hanger. 





Design your own delightful Hanger



24K Gold Adult



Now USD679.99

.999 Silver Adult



Now USD586.49

24K Gold Baby



Now USD569.49

.999 Silver Baby



Now USD499.99